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Hello everyone, my name is Marly.

I have lived on my mum's website for a long time but I decided it is time for me to branch out. 

I love travelling and seeing new parts of the world. I have had some wonderful adventures and I love to see the happiness it brings.

I have been to some places that are not represented here because my hosts didn't send any photos back to my mum. I was disappointed because then I couldn't share with you the exciting things that I saw and did.

If you would like me to visit you, so that you can show me your part of the world, please fill in the form, let me know your details and let a new adventure be born.

Marly the globetrotting teddy bear

The photo below me, is my brother Charlie. Because I can not be two places at once, sometimes he travels for me, under the disguise of Marly2.

I can assure you that he is just as cute and well behaved as I am. Boy, how's that for brotherly love!

Marly the globetrotting teddy bear

Sometimes you might have to wait a little while before I can come and visit. Especially if there are a few people waiting to take me home. That is why I have asked my brother to help out. He loves travelling as much as I do.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2012- Charlie has gone missing somewhere in Africa. If anyone sees him or knows where he is, please help him come back home. Contact me and I will give you the address to send him to.

I make a great house guest, I keep my room tidy, I don't eat much, I don't snore, I'm very polite, I don't use all the toilet paper, I don't use all of the hot water in the shower, I don't smoke or drink and I am great with kids.

How could you resist this cute face of mine sitting at your dinner table?

There are some rules you must abide by-

* You must send me back to my home in Australia, or to the next person who I am visiting.

* You must keep me clean and dry.

* You must be able to email or send a CD, of digital photos of my visit and agree that they are to appear on this website. If you do not want to be in a photo on this website, do not be in a picture with me.

* You must provide information about the places I visit with you so that everyone can share in where I have been.

If you can agree to these rules, I would love to come and visit you. See you soon. Marly

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